BCB Water treatment 500ml

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BCB used and trusted since 1995! Protection for Bubble Columns by all Hospital, Education & Council sectors

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BCB Water Treatment For Bubble Columns Protection from infection risk & algae since 1995

Based upon the proven BCB Tablets our fluid product features the following:

  • Protection & prevention of infection risk from common aerobic bacteria including Pseudomonas species & Legionella.
  • Prevention of green algae
  • No waiting for the tablet to dissolve Easy addition via the bottle dispenser
  • No risk to others when the product is diluted and correctly added to the bubble column
  • Add just once a month – 1 bottle treats a 1-metre bubble column for up to 2 years!
  • Proven technology – based on the Bronopol biocide used in the commercial cooling tower industry
  • Long shelf life – Re-formulated by Lynd Products to 5 years.

BCB is based on an organic biocide that will not cloud the acrylic tube or weaken the welds & joints and is approved by most leading bubble column manufacturers & suppliers. Please do not use bleach or other similar sterilising fluids

How Infection Risks Develop in Bubble Columns

bcb water treatment diagram1. Dust and other debris are drawn into the water in the tube via the air pump. Materials such as dirt, fibres from carpets and clothing and dead skin all harbour micro-organisms which contaminate the water.

2. Warmth, light and aeration in the water provide ideal conditions for microbial growth. Bacteria and algae multiply in the water and grow on the inner walls of the tube, forming slime. This slime provides an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and will spoil the visual effect of the tube.

3. The water used to fill the tube, or to ‘top-up’ during operation, may contain high counts of bacteria. Remember that tap water is not always sterile.

4. As the bubbles burst at the surface of the water, they release a cloud of tiny water droplets (called aerosol) which are carried into the air around the tube.

If the water is of poor quality, aerosols can spread harmful bacteria into the air and present a risk of infection

The simple monthly addition of BCB fluid prevents infection risk and maintains your column in pristine clear and odour free condition for users benefit and safety



Official Health Care, Education and Council orders welcomed. Downloads (Attachments) below in pdf